Sunday, April 13, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick hit 2

I was riding the elevator today with a chick that smelled like hot dogs.  Unexpectedly, kind of a turn-on.
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Quick hit 1

What the fuck is wrong with cabbies? How can people who make their living driving be some of the biggest menaces on the road?
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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What the hell is wrong with architects?!?!?!

The Green Tower, San Diego, California

Florida Capital Building

Image:Torre agbar barcelona construction1.jpg
Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain
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Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Memorium

He should stand side by side with the creator of Nintendo, the vaccine for Polio and Al Gore:

Egg McMuffin inventor dies at 89

By DENISE PETSKI, Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES - Herb Peterson, who invented the ubiquitous Egg McMuffin as a way to introduce breakfast to McDonald's restaurants, has died, a Southern California McDonald's official said Wednesday. He was 89.

See the full article:
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Oh the irony!

Facebook | My Photos - March '08

What could be gayer than these people obsessed with their dog/cat, carrying pictures of them around in their wallet/laptop/digicam to spring on you at the drop of a dime. The real tragedy? That absent look in your eyes, the nervous nod you could measure with a metronome, and the drawly drawn-out 'yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh' that comes breezing out your lips, as you try your damndest to maintain some semblance of interest in this shit.

That being said, check out the LA fam's hounds soaking in some sun. How in the hell am I not gonna find this super cute?

Please disregard this post.

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overheard and chillin' out (aka men's Cosmo)...

We don't take weird self help quizzes or those pulpy surveys to find your ideal mate. But all things being equal, in the search for some grasp on the elusive Mazlowian self actualization requirement, us dudes have our own versions of the above...

What NBA/NFL/major sport athlete would you be?

What rapper would you be? etc etc

In case you're curious, or more accurately, for my own self serving megalomaniacal ego stroke-fest, I would probably most see myself as Kings guard Kevin Martin.

Slept on potential superstar criminally underpaid for his craft.

The rapper question? See below:

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

why people hate the government

Dallas is considers shutting off red light cams, since they're working too well and harming revenue

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There's just one, fairly ironic, flaw to the otherwise totally lovable red light cameras that adorn Dallas: they work too well. Turns out the cams have curtailed red light infractions by 50 percent, which in turn has put a budget crunch on City Hall. The city is now considering stopping its planned rollout of more cameras, or shutting down the cameras on a rotating basis -- upkeep when off is next to nothing, but the city pays $3,799 per month per online camera to its service provider. That sounds like quite a spendy broadband bill, but we're not the experts here. Just remember kids, your government wants what's best for you, and what's best for you is a well-funded government, alright?

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

great quote from chuck

"I might be mistaken but I'm never wrong."

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

many thanks

to my loyal readers who have given nothing but support for my triumphant return to blogging!

actual comment:

"By the way I only stopped on your blog on my way to"

its nice to know that my readers are frequent masturbators

makes it real. makes it worth it.

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Another reason why the Raptors rule

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More on the power ballad

As long as I'm on the power ballad tangent, check this out, great remix, makes me proud to be Filipino

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this is really weird...

I just posted the Jeff Healy post, and the guy died of cancer.  So in the post, I of course mention his great work in the Swayze classic Roadhouse.  Then, I go and read this:

Wow, I hope Sam Elliot's ok.  The coincidence between the cancer thing and the Roadhouse thing, kind of a strange by chance occurrence

But in all seriousness, Swayze, get well soon.

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superstition and the 80's rock ballad

Check this out, I been having a pretty good week. When did it start? When jeff healy died of course. See i like Jeff Healy, I was really bummed out when he died, besides being Canadian, overcoming cancer, and playing guitar blind, the guy was in the Swayze classic "Roadhouse." I mean all achievements aside, this is a modern American Classic....Swayze at the height of his powers (and hair), kicking ass and taking numbers in the best 80's unintentional homoerotic masterpiece since top gun!

Anyone remember the tagline of Roadhouse?

"The dancing's over. Now it gets dirty."

But i digress. Thoughts on Roadhouse aside, what does Jeff Healy have to do with good luck? Ok so right before i leave, i youtube the video for Angel Eyes. This song in fact:

Embedded Video

I put it on, on the way out, things go good. Rinse and repeat for a couple days, same result. Now having considered myself a rock ballad connoisseur, I recommend the following classics:

Mr. Big - "To Be With You"
Warrant - "Heaven"
Kansas - "Dust in the Wind"
Extreme - "More Than Words"


Jeff Healy - R.I.P.

(1966 - 2008)

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overheard in court...

hello again!

continuing in my miniscule and minimal efforts to keep this blog updated here's a short story.

I was in court today trying to get "one last chance" for one of her majesty's more frequent customers. Then as I looked at this clueless guy, sitting there, chillin', not a care in the world, his eyes aimless, seemingly chasing some imaginary butterfly fluttering in is general vicinity, I drop this little gem on the ACA:

"c'mon, look at him, he's a lovable screwup"

that was funny shit, you have to admit. part of the fun of the job is having the audacity to say as you please. and you know what? he did get one last chance...lets hope he uses it.

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